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How can you promote my app?

The marketing strategies we will write about today are for apps that any mobile user at large can use & are generic. Many of these strategies may not apply to apps that are meant for a specific niche and cannot be used by the masses. Example. The Canon Print app can only be used by people who own Canon wireless printers.

We understand that marketing your new app can be a stressful & confusing exercise. That's why we are here to help; we will take care of your marketing needs for you so that you can focus on more important things. Simply choose the marketing package that fits your needs & budget, then sit tight and let us do the rest.

But if you'd like to market your app yourself, we are sharing 5 of our top strategies to help you succeed.

1) ASO - App Store Optimization

Let's begin with the elephant in the room, ASO. It's probably the first thing you should address while launching your app. An average user only spends 3-4 seconds on an app store page before making an install decision. Hence, you must create amazing icons & banners that make an immediate impact.

Also, it's advised that you make a few different sets of icons & banners to A/B test with and select the ones that perform the best. The app store content(Title, Short Desc, Long Desc) should describe all features of the app and should contain keywords. Keywords are what the app store algorithms use to identify and index your app. Hence you must use the right keywords in app metadata.

Keyword research can be done with tools such a Mobile Action, Sensor Tower & App Annie. The most successful apps also put promo videos on their app store page.

2) Optimizing your app

Google prefers to rank apps that offer an excellent user experience. Your app must be easy to use, smaller in size, and consume fewer resources.

3) Build an awesome landing page

Landing pages are powerful marketing tools that act as a showroom for your app. The landing page should be fast, intuitive & responsive across devices. The page must interactively describe the features on the app and how to use them. The privacy policy & terms of use are a must on any page.

4) Pay per Install Campaigns

Paid campaigns are a great option to give a boost to your new app after launch since the app stores ideally will take a lot of time to rank and index apps when left alone. There are plenty of platforms to run campaigns on such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Quora Ads Etc. Google Ads have worked the best for us in the past.

5) Get PR

Reach out to app blogging sites such as Android Police, Android Authority, etc. and ask them to feature your app on their website and youtube channel. Get in touch with agencies that offer online PR services to get the word out Ex. PR Serve. Contact the relevant influencers in your niche and introduce your app to their follower base.

To sum up...

Once you have worked hard on your mobile app, you would want an audience to experience it—Thats where mobile app marketing comes in.

Every strategy may not work for you; however, a well-thought strategy set might do wonders.

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